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Stadium Cinemas offers merchants the opportunity to display advertising on our theatre screens prior to each show. This is a fantastic way to reach a large, enthusiastic audience and tell them about your products.

For more information about on-screen advertising opportunities, please visit Pecan Pie Productions

Why Advertise in Movie Theatres?

Expansive Reach

Moviegoers spend an average of 14 minutes in their seats before a movie starts.  They are

relaxed, receptive, and captivated, ensuring you will have their full attention.  Movie-going is

the #1 leisure activity for Americans.  Of your target audience, 32% are ages 18-34, 51% are

ages 18-49, and 46% are college educated.  Nearly 9 out of 10 moviegoers prefer to see a

preshow instead of a blank screen.

Effective Recall

Throughout the course of only a few minutes, your ad will receive constant repetition.  Your

ad will run for 10-12 seconds every 2-4 minutes.  Many consumers consider cinema ads to be

more interesting than other media.  Cinema advertising in appealing and memorable, with a

43% unaided recall rate in comparison to 6% for television ads.

Engaging Environment

Movie theatres offer a unique, distraction-free environment, complete with huge screens and

immersive sound systems.  Your ad will be showcased in an ideal atmosphere in front of an

audience that is comfortable and attentive.

How Does Theatre Advertising Compare to Other Media?

A theatre is full of a prime target audience for most businesses while television has more of a

broad audience of people who have the option of changing the channel.

Consumers are 50% more likely to express increased interest in the brands or products

advertised in theatres than television viewers.

Radio can’t deliver a huge, full-color image to leave a lasting impression, and it carries the

option of changing the station. A month of theatre advertising can cost less than a day of newspaper advertising.

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